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coming events
"Free Speech and Hate"
Randall Kennedy and Jennifer Ho, Moderator: Karlos Hill
Should the right to free speech extend to the right to engage in hateful expression?

Free Admission
7:00pm, Tulsa Press Club
415 S Boston, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Assembly of the Circle of Honor
(no program)
The Circle of Honor is made up of Oklahomans who have distinguished themselves in public service. Membership is by invitation.

The group is affiliated with the Center.
Tulsa: The Future
Mayor G. T. Bynum
The Center is sponsoring a two part series on Tulsa. The first will be held on April 28 and the topic will be "Tulsa: How We Became Who We Are."

Both luncheon events are free and open to the public and will be held in Founders Hall on the OU-Tulsa campus. Lunch is available for purchase if ordered in advance.
past events
2022-23 academic year
We are past due updating our list of past Events!
March 1
Meeting of the Eminences
The Center hosted in Oklahoma City a luncheon for distinguished living figures of Oklahoma history.
February 27
The People and Culture of Ukraine
Dasha Vershylenko
A journalist from Ukraine who has been living in Tulsa since the Russian invasion was Center's guest for an afternoon get-together with OU-Tulsa students and community activists.
February 7
Cultural Diversity in Oklahoma
Prof. Rodger Randle
The Center hosted a visiting State Department delegation from the nation of Georgia in the Caucasus. The guests were on a tour sponsored by the State Department, and the theme was "Human and Civil Rights for Marginalized Communities."
January 23
Oklahoma History: An Overview
Prof. Rodger Randle
The Center hosted a visiting State Department delegation from the African countries of Cameroon, Togo, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Haiti, Namibia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Tunisia for a presentation on Oklahoma history.
January 20
The Garífuna People in Honduras
Ovilson Bermudez
The Center hosted a dinner in honor of Ovilson Bermudez, an executive in the national secretariat for human rights in Tegucigalpa and a leader in the Organización de Desarrollo Étnico Comunitario, the leading association of Garífuna peoples in Honduras. Mr. Bermudez traveled to Tulsa as a guest of the Center.
January 19
The United Nations in Iraq
Lenaz Abdullah
A dinner program focused on the work of the United Nations' International Organization for Migration in Iraq, presented by Ms. Abdullah, an official in the UN's office in Iraq.
January 6
Prize for the Fire
Rilla Askew
Award-winning Oklahoma author Rilla Askew was our guest for an overflow luncheon in Founders Hall on the OU-Tulsa campus. In addition to discussing her latest book (OU Press), Rilla discussed writers and writing in Oklahoma. She was introduced by Connie Cronley.
December 7
Tulsa: Cultural Formation
Prof. Rodger Randle
The factors that formed modern Oklahoma was the topic of a talk on Oklahoma's history, with special emphasis on Tulsa and the consequences for our city of the forced marriage between Oklahoma Territory and Oklahoma Territory.
externally sponsored by the Tulsa Jewish Federation
December 6
Life Through a Lens
Wendy Garrett
A continuation of our series of small salon style events, this evening featured Oklahoma's award-winning documentary film maker, Wendy Garrett, and a discussion of how documentaries are conceived and produced.
November 17 / November 19
The Story of Handel's Messiah
Dr. Zach Malavolti and Joseph Arndt
Dr. Malavolti provided a cultural and historic perspective on Handel's Messiah, one of the most played pieces of choral music during the December holiday season. Joseph Arndt, graduate of the Julliard School, added commentary about the orchestral background to the choral work. This program was offered on Thursday the 17th of November and again on the 19th, for different audiences.
November 14
Diversity in Oklahoma
Prof. Rodger Randle
Oklahoma's growing diversity was the theme of this talk by the Center Director.
The program was held on the OU-Tulsa campus and was organized in partnership with tthe Tulsa Globañ Alliance.
November 3 and 4
"Gestão de Resultados"
Prof. Rodger Randle
Held in Brasília, Brazil, this conference for local municipal officials featured the Center Director as one of the headlined speakers.
externally sponsored by the
Instituto Brasileiro de Gestão por Resultados
October 7
Tulsa and the World
Bob Lieser and Carol McGowan
Leaders of the Tulsa Global Alliance provided an update on international activities in our community.
October 7
Oklahoma: Government and Politics
Prof. Rodger Randle
Prof. Randle is the Director of the Center.
externally sponsored (Epworth Senior Community, Oklahoma City)
October 5
Perspectives on Tulsa History
Prof. Rodger Randle
Prof. Randle is the Director of the Center.
externally sponsored (Montreau Retirment Community Tulsa)
September 27
The Oklahoma Economy
Chad Wilkinson
The Oklahoma Executive for the Federal Reserve of Kansas City provided an analysis of the Oklahoma and national economies.
September 20
Civility in Politics
Panel, including Center Director Prof. Rodger Randle
A discussion of the decline in civility in political discourse and its signnificance for American democracy.
externally sponsored (League of Women Voters of Tulsa)
August 30 through September 2
A Report from the United Kingdom
The Rt. Hon. Henry McLeish
A series of evening events were held with the former First Minister of Scotland and member of the British Parliament as he lad informal discussions of the latest developments in the UK and Europe.
August 20
Fall Literacy Program Kickoff Keynote
Prof. Rodger Randle
Prof. Randle is the Director of the Center.
externally sponsored (Yale Avenue Christian Church)

past events
2021-22 academic year
July 26
The Oklahoma Legislature: The Women's View
Rep. Carol Bush (R-Tulsa), Sen. Jo Anna Dossett (D-Tulsa), and former Sen. Judy Eason-McIntyre
Over 150 people turned out in Founders Hall on the OU-Tulsa campus to hear women legislators describe their experiences as members of a male dominated legislature.
July 26
Visit of Young Political Leaders from the United Kingdom
The Center hosted the leaders at the July 26 luncheon on women in the legislature, and this was followed by an informal dinner the same evening hosted by the Center. The group was a guest of the US Department of State.
July 18
The Framework of the American Judicial System
Prof. Rodger Randle
A seminar was organized by the Center for visiting judges from Mongolia and held on the OU-Tulsa campus.
June 13
Bristow, Oklahoma and the Story of the American Small Town
George Krumme
George Krumme's new book about the history of Bristow was the beginning point for a discussion about the American small town and the significance of its decline.
June 6
A Conversation about Gun Violence
Drew Diamond, Rep. Carol Bush (R-Tulsa), Rev. Hank Knight
Following the mass shootings across the United States and the shooting in Tulsa we held a community discussion about the causes of gun violence in America. This was the first in a series of programs to be scheduled on the topic.
May 25
White Christian Nationalism and the Threat to American Democracy
Dr. Sam Perry
OU's Sam Perry presented the finding of the book he wrote with Yale's Philip Gorski. The book publishedin April by the Oxford University Press.
May 12
Luncheon of the Oklahoma Eminences
The Center hosted a luncheon in Oklahoma City that brought together a bipartisan group of two dozen current and former state officials to discuss the current political climate in Oklahoma.
May 5
An Evening with a Viscount
Lord Dunrossil
The United Kingdom and British culture was the subject of conversation at a special evening with Great Britain's Lord Dunrossil.
April 11
Ukraine:The Tulsa Perspective
Ukrainians in Tulsa
Ukrainians resident in Tulsa met with guests of the Center to hear personal stories from family and friends at home affected by the war.
April 11-15
The Scottish Perspective
The Rt. Hon. Henry McLeish
Henry McLeish, former First Minister of Scotland, participated in a series of micro-meetings organized by the Center.
April 7
Being Muslim in America, 2022
Mujeeb Cheema
Mujeeb Cheema is a senior leader in the Tulsa Muslim community.
March 1
Celebration of Oklahoma History Book Award for 2021
Connie Cronley
Author, Kate Barnard: A Life on Fire
March 15
Understanding Tulsa History
Prof. Rodger Randle
Prof. Randle is the Director of the Center.
externally sponsored (The Silver Service Club)
March 16
Russia and Ukraine: What Next?
Dr. Robert Donaldson
Dr. Donaldson, former president of the University of Tulsa, is one of America's premier experts on Russia and has published widely on the country
February 18
Dinner in Honor of Delegation from the Republic of Georgia
Hosted by the Center, organized in partnership with Tulsa Global Alliance
February 6
Dinner in Honor of Delegation from Valledupar, Colombia
Hosted by the Center, organized in partnership with Tulsa Community College
January 19
Travels with Tulsans: Yemen
Prof. Rodger Randle
Director, CSDC
externally sponsored (Friends of the Tulsa Library)
December 15
Official Visit to Oklahoma
The Rt. Hon. Penny Mordaunt
British Minister for Trade Policy, London
December 9
Lunch with the President of OU-Tulsa
Dr. James Sluss
President, OU-Tulsa
november 18
Historic Tulsa Houses and the People Who Lived in Them
Peter Walter
Owner, Walter & Associates
november 16
"A Life on Fire": The Story of Kate Barnard
Connie Cronley
Writer, Critic, Historian, and Beloved Tulsa Personality
november 12
An American Dream
Maj. Gen. Viet Luong (Ret.)
America's First Vietnamese-Born Army General
november 5
John Steinbeck and Oklahoma
Dr. David Wrobel
Historian and Dean, OU College of Arts and Sciences
november 3
Art: Communicating Beyond Words
Rachel Wimpey
Award-Winning Artist
october 5
Brazil: An Update
Dr. Fábio de Sá e Silva
Professor of Brazilian Studies at the University of Oklahoma
via Zoom
september 30
The Murder of Sam Davis and the Birth of Maple Ridge
J. D. Colbert
Financial Consultant and Scholar of Early Tulsa Indian History
september 29
A Long Distance Call to Hong Kong
Austin Ramzy
New York Times Correspondent, Hong Kong
via Zoom
september 15
Incubating Creativity
Dr. Shawn Schaefer
Director, OU Design Studio, Tulsa
september 14
A Long Distance Call to Scotland
The Rt. Hon. Henry McLeish
former First Minister of Scotland
via Zoom
september 9
Behind the Scenes
Keith Elder
Executive Director, Tulsa Symphony
august 31
OU: Reaching for the World
Dr. Scott Fritzen
Dean, OU College of International Studies
august 10
New Genres of Graphic Illustrated Literature
Stewart Brower
Director, OU-Tulsa Schusterman Library
a few hightlights from 2021-22 events
August was our first in-person small group event since early 2020 following closure due to covid. The event featured Stewart Brower, Director of the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Library. His presentation was about new genres of graphical literature. Pictured with Stewart is Dra. Pura Fernández Rodríguez, a member of the Center's Council od Advisors. Dra. Fernandez was visiting from Madrid where she is a professor in the Instituto de Lengua, Literatura y Antropología del Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) of Spain, and the editor of the publication arm of CSIC, the largest research publisher in Spain.
In November the Center hosted Maj. Gen. Viet Luong (Ret.), the first Vietnamese-born American to achieve the rank of General in the U.S. Army. Gen. Luong's visit to Tulsa was sponsored in partnership with Oklahoma State University's School of International Studies.
In December the Center hosted the Rt. Hon. Penny Mordaunt, the Minister for Trade Policy in the British government in London. In this photo, taken at a Center-sponsored luncheon in Oklahoma City held at the Oklahoma Historical Society , former Gov. David Walters talks while Minister Mordaunt listens. Also pictured are Sen. John Montgomery (R-Lawton) and Trait Thompson, Executive Director of the Historical Society.
scenes from pre-covid activities

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