Thank you, Moira!

Moira Carolyn Kerr Spurgeon Waterbury was a native of Nova Scotia. Before coming to The University of Oklahoma to join the faculty of Human Relations she was a professional clinical counselor. Her entry into teaching was a relatively late life development. She retired from full time teaching in 2010.


 Dr. Waterbury held an honors degree in European history, and she had done graduate studies and secondary education, English history, social work, and spiritual direction.


Moira loved teaching, and students loved her. In addition to the high professional standard that characterized her teaching, she consistently demonstrated an uncommon caring and empathy for her students. The many hundreds of students who took her classes, as well as her faculty colleagues,  remember her with warmth and affection.


For over 20 years she was an activist for human rights, especially for gays and lesbians.


 Here are words she wrote about herself:


My mind has been drawn back to an old poem ( in Nova Scotia, we had to memorize at least one poem a month,  through all our school years – a practice which I hated then, but  for which I am grateful now.) The poet was asking, “What is  the real good?” He went though Knowledge, Order, Freedom , Beauty,  all kinds of things; but ended up with just one – Kindness. We are all of one Kind. We are all Kin. We are all here to help one another.


For me, this includes more than only human beings. It involves looking after our fellow beings, of all species, and even the growing things around us. To be in HR, you need to be committed to Kindness, wherever you are, in whatever situation you are. Caring, and then doing whatever you can.


Dr. Moira Waterbury will long be remembered by her former students and colleagues. She was a living expression of the values of Human Relations, and she will continue to serve as an inspiration to all who knew her.


Thank you, Moira, for all that you did professionally amd personally to enrich the lives of those around you.







Dr. Moira Waterbury


A beloved emeritus professor  of the faculty of the

OU Dept. of Human Relations,

Dr. Moira Waterbury passed away in June 2012.

To visit her memorial page at the Havenbrook Funeral Home, please click here.


The Real Good

By John Boyle O’Reilly


"What is the real good?"

I ask in a musing mood.


"Order," said the law court;

"Knowledge," said the school;

"Truth," said the wise man;

"Pleasure," said the fool;

"Love," said the maiden;

"Beauty," said the page;

"Freedom," said the dreamer;

"Home," said the sage;

"Fame," said the soldier;

"Equity," said the seer.

Spake my heart fully sad:

"The answer is not here."


Then within my bosom,

Softly this I heard:

"Each heart holds the secret:

'Kindness' is the word."

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