cultural photography

The photos that are featured on these pages fall into the category of what is known as "cultural photography". For a full discussion of what constitutes this kind of photography, click here.

Photos are integrated into almost all the classes taught by the Prof. Randle. They capture students attention and stimulate their imagination. The focus is not on the "photos", but on what they show and on the principles they illustrate. Photos are universal language to which students readily relate.

The Center's photography has also been widely exhibited to the public beyond the classroom, and the Center Director has lectured on photography to community groups (in Oklahoma and beyond), as well as on campus.

For a full discussion of
""Cultural Photography", click here.

On the right side of this page are links to several exhibits of Rodger Randle that are available on this website. You are invited to explore the photographs and to visit through the photographs the faces of people from around the world.

Exhibits have been sponsored in a wide variety of venues, including commercial, educational, and public wants. One of the most notable exhibits was held in the North Gallery a few years ago at the Oklahoma State Capitol Building. The most complex of the exhibits was a multi-media show a couple of years ago in the Gallery of the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Library. This exhibit combined printed photos, photographic artifacts, and an electronic video presentation of photos. The electronic part of the exhibit is now available online on this website.


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