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registration Tulsa is experiencing a resurgence of creative energy ...and experts tell us that 21st Century cities will succeed or fail based on the dynamic quality of their creative environments. This summit is intended to begin a community dialog about how we can further strengthen the climate for creativity in Tulsa.
program and participants
sternberg Dr. Robert Sternberg

Currently Provost at Oklahoma State University, Robert Sternberg is the former IBM Professor of Psychology and Education at Yale University and is also a past President of the American Psychological Association. He specializes in higher mental functions, including intelligence and creativity.
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nate bliss Nate Bliss

President of NYC's Coney Island Development Corporation, Nate leads a redevelopment team that is charged with merging the goals of economic development and quality of life in an iconic neighborhood of creative diversity. He did undergraduate studies at Columbia and has an M.S. from NYU.
(to learn more about the CIDC, click here)
Norris Victoria Bartlett

Victoria Bartlett successfully balances the demands of being Tulsa's First Lady with her professional career as an attorney with the U.S. District Court, while still finding time to be a forceful civic advocate for education, healthy families, and the arts.
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adams harrisVanessa Adams Harris

A Mvskoke Creek/ African-American artist, actor, director, workshop facilitator and playwright, Vanessa Adams Harris has won many awards and recognitions for her achievements. Her credits include national and international drama appearances.
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busby Ken Busby

Executive Director of the Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa, Ken also serves as Chairman of the Oklahoma Museums Association and as Chairman of the Board of Tulsa Global Alliance. He is Vice-Chairman of the Arts Commission of Tulsa.
(click here for AHCT website)

teresa miller Teresa Miller

Founder of the Oklahoma Center for Poets and Writers, Teresa Miller is host of the TV series Writing Out Loud and teaches creative writing at OSU-Tulsa. Author of two previous novels, her latest book is Means of Transit, "a slightly embellished memoir."
(click here for the Okla. Center for Poets & Writers)
mason Michael Mason

Michael Mason is the Editor-in-Chief of This Land magazine, based in Tulsa. He has written for various publications, including the New York Times. He is the author of Head Cases, published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux (click here for the NYT's review of the book).
(click here for his bio / here for This Land magazine)
busby Fran Ringold

Longtime Editor of Nimrod, the prestigious literary magazine at TU, Fran is also a past Poet Laureate of Oklahoma, in addition to being the winner of the Oklahoma Book Award in 1996 for The Trouble With Voices and in 2005 for Still Dancing.
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schaefer Shawn Michael Schaefer

Shawn Michael Schaefer is Director of the University of Oklahoma Urban Design Studio and a faculty member of the College of Architecture. Mr. Schaefer is founding Principal of PLACES LLC, Oklahoma's first urban design consulting practice.
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Liggett Steve Liggett

Steve Liggett is the Artistic Director of Living Arts of Tulsa, an organization that focuses on newly evolving ideas and concepts, the creation of art forms, and on exploring the relationship of art to other disciplines and fields of knowledge.
(click here for bio) (website of Living Arts of Tulsa)
Norris Matt Norris

Matt heads the board of the Fab Lab, an innovative joint project with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to create a high tech Tulsa workspace that functions as a community center for innovation, entrepreneurship and education.
(click here for the website of the Fab Lab)
eason mcintyre Randall Suffolk

Executive Director of Philbrook Museum since 2007, Suffolk holds a BA in English from Connecticut College , a MA in higher education administration from Columbia University and an MA in Art History from Bryn Mawr College.
(click here for more information about Randall Suffolk)
Joseph Hull Joseph Hull III

A native Tulsa and practicing attorney, Joseph Hull III has become an eloquent voice in support of arts education in Tulsa. Through his leadership of the Barthelmes Foundation, he has sponsored innovative art initiatives, especially programs for kids.
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eason mcintyre Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre

First elected to the Oklahoma State Senate in 2004, she has been a leading advocate for education. She served 16 years as a member of the Tulsa School Board (she was twice elected chairman). She is chairman of the board of the Jazz Hall of Fame.
(click here for the Senator's full bio)
eason mcintyre Tom McKeon

Appointed as the third president of Tulsa Community College in 2004, Tom has quickly emerged as a major leader in Oklahoma education. Under his leadership, the Center for Creativity was opened on TCC's downtown campus.
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Fran Ringold Vince LoVoi

One of Tulsa's leading venture capitalists, Vince is the former head of the European public law and policy group for the Akin Gump law firm in Washington, D.C. Vince serves on the board of the Tulsa Economic Development Commission, and is its immediate past chairman.

GT Bynum G.T. Bynum

A member of the Tulsa City Council, G.T. heads his own consulting firm that deals in federal government relations. He is a fifth generation Tulsan, and an Eagle Scout. He has won broad respect for his work as a member of the Tulsa City Council.
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Gary Shaffer Tulsa Library Gary Shaffer

Chief executive officer of the Tulsa City-County Library, a 25 location library system with over 400 employees, Gary is a graduate of the Pratt Institute in New York City and holds a masters from the University of Southern California in L.A.
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seneca scottSeneca Scott

A fifth generation Tulsan, Seneca is currently serving his second term as a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.He is a graduate of OU, where he studied history and Native American Studies.
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Ruth Ann Fate Ruth Ann Fate

A past president of the board of the Tulsa Arts & Humanities Council, Ruth Ann has served as a member of the board of Tulsa Public Schools since 1996 and is a past president of the board. She is a member fo the board of the OCCJ.
(click for bio at Tulsa Public Schools website)
Tamara Lebak Tamara Lebak

A native of Oklahoma City, Tamara is a graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School, as well as having participated in a variety of specialized post graduate studies. She currently serves as Associate Minister at All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa.
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Tom Bennett Tom Bennett, Jr.

Grandson of the legendary Henry G. Bennett (long-time president of OSU), Tom has been an influential force in Oklahoma civic life for nearly 50 years. Tom currently is Chairman of the Board of First Oklahoma Bank and is a former rock'n'roll performer.
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Coffee, Pastries, and Registration
Pastries Provided by Pancho Anaya Mexican Bakery ( yum! )
"Opening of the Summit""
Victoria (Mrs. Dewey) Bartlett
, First Lady of Tulsa

"Why This Summit Is Important"
Joseph Hull III, President, Barthelmes Foundation
Tom McKeon
, President, Tulsa Community College
Gary Shaffer, Chief Executive Officer, Tulsa City-County Library System

"The Plan for the Day"
Prof. Rodger A. Randle, Director, OU Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture
"Cultivating a Creative Environment"
Nate Bliss, President, Coney Island Development Corporation
Mr. Bliss will be introduced by Kevin O'Connor, visiting researcher at the OU Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture.
Panel: "What is a Creative Environment and Why Does It Matter?"
Ken Busby, Executive Director, Tulsa Arts and Humanities Council
Teresa Miller, Director, Oklahoma Center for Poets and Writers
Shawn Michael Schaefer, Director, OU-Tulsa Urban Design Studio
Vanessa Adams Harris, Actress, Director, and Playright
Panel: "How Does Tulsa Rate for Creative Environment?"
Fran Ringold, Editor, Nimrod magazine, and Oklahoma Book Award winner
Steve Liggett, Artistic Director, Living Arts of Tulsa
Michael Mason, Editor, This Land magazine
Matt Norris, Chairman of the Board, the Tulsa Fab Lab
"Quick Lunch Break "
"Creativity Is a Decision"
Dr. Robert Sternberg, Provost, Oklahoma State University
Dr. Sternberg will be introduced by Tom Bennett, Jr., Chairman of the Board, First Oklahoma Bank.
"The Creative Environment, Issue by Issue"
In this section of the program we will break into groups to discuss specific topics related to the creative environment in Tulsa. Participants may choose the group they wish to join.

These small groups will provide an opportunity for everyone at the summit to contribute knowledge and opinions about the subjects they know most, or have the greatest interest.

Following the conclusion of the conference, a report will be prepared based upon the findings of the work groups and the morning panels. This report will be made available to all conference participants (it will be published online and circulated to community leaders).

Topics of the small group discussions will include:

Business - How should we go about improving the environment for "creative" companies in Tulsa? How can we spread creativity techniques and styles to benefit existing companies in Tulsa?
Discussion Leader: Tom Bennett, Jr.

Support for the Arts - Although the arts are only one dimension of a community's creativity environment, their role and influence are fundamental in establishing the creative climate in a city. Support for the arts is increasingly under challenge, however, especially in the schools. How can we develop a strategy to increase the understanding of the importance of the arts to Tulsa's future?
Discussion Leader: Ken Busby

The Built City - Does the physical design of our city and its buildings promote an atmosphere of creativity, or does it stifle it? What is the relationship between our physical environment and the creative environment? What is the role of the city center in establishing an atmosphere supportive of creativity?
Discussion Leader: Shawn Michael Schaefer

Education - In Oklahoma, as well as nationally, mandates for standardized testing have resulted in the withdrawal of education programs that contributed to the development of creative qualities in young people. Reduced funding for education has further increased the challenges. How can our schools continue to produce creative young people in a climate of reduced support for education, especially in the arts?
Discussion Leader: Ruth Ann Fate

Social Attitudes - Do we live in a community that is culturally acceptive to diversity? How do we increase that acceptance? What can we proactively do to promote a welcoming attitude to difference and diversity?
Discussion Leader: Rev. Tamara Lebak
"Nothing More Boring Than the Defeated"
Randall Suffolk, Executive Director, Philbrook Museum of Art
"Why Tulsa's Creative Community is Vital to Our Economic Future"
Vincent LoVoi, Tulsa businessman and venture capitalist
"What Needs to Be Done Next?"
Judy Eason McIntyre, member of the Oklahoma State Senate
Kevin O'Connor, young professional
G.T. Bynum, member of the Tulsa City Council
Seneca Scott, member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives
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michael sager Michael Sager, Developer of Tulsa's Blue Dome District
Join Us for Dinner the Night Before the Summit...

"Downtown Tulsa's Creative Redevelopment"

The evening before the Creativity Summit, there will be a small and informal dinner and discussion of the origins of the redevelopment of the Brady, Blue Dome, and East Village districts, along with other significant milestones in Tulsa's modern downtown "creative" development. Our speaker will be Michael Sager, developer of the Blue Dome District.

The dinner will be held in the galleries of Living Arts of Tulsa, 307 East Brady Street. A reception begins at 6:30, and a buffet dinner catered by The Stutts House of Barbeque will be served at 7:00pm. Price of the dinner is $15, and you don't need be registered to attend the Summit to join us for the dinner. Meal alternatives for vegetarians and others with dietary restrictions will be available on request. Reservations may be made by email by clicking here, or by phone at 918-660-3495.

For more information, please contact Prof. Rodger Randle at (918) 660-3495
or by email at randle@ou.edu

Conference project coordinator: J. Kevin O'Connor
compilation of small group discussions to be supervised by EverMore Services LLC

Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture
Prof. Rodger A. Randle, Director
The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa
4502 East 41st Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135
Telephone: 1-918-660-3495 or 1-918-660-3494, Fax: 1-918-660-3496
Email: randle@ou.edu