This page contains a selection of useful Japan-related resources that can be found online.

For a list of websites related to environmental issues and recycling in Japan, click here.

Japanese Government
Web Japan
Embassy of Japan
Japan Foundation
The Japan Forum
Statistics Bureau Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications
Japan Information Network
Japan National Tourist Organization

U.S Colleges & Organizations
National Clearinghouse for US-Japan Studies
Asia for Educators
University of Colorado at Boulder
National Association of Japan-America Societies
CIA the World Factbook
US Census Bureau
The Laurasian Institution
PBS Rural Japan, The slow life
MIT Visualizing Culture

Geography and Japanese Garden
Japanese Friendship Garden
Tea Garden

 Japanese Language, Literature and Art
Japanese Language PowerPoint

NHK Japanese lesson
Irasshai: The Japanese Language and Culture Distance Leaning Course 
Japanese about com
Sadako story
Tokyo National Museum
Japanese Literature Publishing & Promotion Center    

The Japan Times
The Daily Yomiuri
The Asahi Shimbun
Mainichi Daily News
NHK Online
The NIKKEI Weekly

Social Issues

Hikikomori (Social Withdrawal)