Shane Fernandez in his office

Shane Fernandez , Class of 1998
Executive Vice President and Corporate Director of Integrated Architecture, Crafton Tull Architecture and Engineering

Looking around Shane Fernandez’ Tulsa office you will see exquisite architectural models, but you will also see Transformers, tanks, cartoon characters, model cars and other toys. Shane keeps them around to remind him of what inspired him to draw when he was a child, but it also reminds him of the challenge to encourage new creative processes in his “Design Family.” And in Shane’s case it is a very large family indeed, over 310 architects, interior designers, engineers and landscape architects at Crafton Tull, Architecture and Engineering. As Executive Vice President and Corporate Director of Integrated Architecture, Shane’s innovative leadership brings all of the family members together to collaborate on projects at the same time with a system of checks and balances, utilizing everyone’s unique talents to make designs that are efficient, beautiful and contextual.

Shane sees himself as a “big thinker,” something he attributes to his education at the University of Oklahoma. After completing his undergraduate degree in architecture in Norman, he moved to the Tulsa to pursue his master’s. “The Urban Design Studio has a great community focus and gives you a strategic view of how cities are made,” he says. When he graduated, Shane decided to stay in Tulsa, since then he has designed many exciting projects locally, including the new giraffe and turtle exhibits at the Tulsa Zoo and the Sooner Aquatic Center at his alma mater. He has also been active in the community serving as President of the Tulsa Young Professionals. But his main focus has been his professional family and the need to create an environment with open communication and mutual respect where design excellence will flourish and family members continually grow. His approach sounds very much like that of a good teacher and it would not be surprising to see Shane at the front of university classroom one day in the future. Shane humbly claims that luck has played a part in his success, but luck only visits those with the passion and persistence to pursue their goals.

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