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Research Equipment & Project Matching Program

The Office of the Vice Provost will review and evaluate requests for matching Funds when it can be shown that a "hard cash" cost match for equipment or other project costs critical to the performance of a grant or contract can be highly leveraged. As a general rule the leverage should be more than 5:1; hopefully, ranging to 10:1.

There are a number of federal research equipment programs that require a specific percentage match. If the funds available for matching will allow it, the Vice Provost will provide the match. On occasion, agencies require an unspecified percentage match. Again, if available funds allow it, the Vice Provost will consider providing up to 33% of the match for proposals to these agencies. Essential to the potential for cost match from the Vice Provost for these programs is the amount of leverage resulting from the University match.

When a proposal is funded at a reduced level, the matching funds committed by the Office of the Vice Provost will be prorated. In other words, if the award is one-half the proposal request, then the Office of the Vice Provost will reduce matching funds by one-half.

A PI should apply for cost matching funds AT LEAST THREE WEEKS before the deadline for submission of the proposal. In addition to a working copy of the proposal, including a detailed budget, a request must include the guidelines of the agency with the cost match, if required, highlighted and a cover letter detailing the nature of the request, the amount requested and a justification for the request. The request must be supported by the departmental chair and budget dean and must include other internal match sources. The request should be submitted to the Office of the Vice Provost (OU-Tulsa, Main Hall, Room 3B20).

OU-Tulsa will adhere to University policies and practices on matching. Faculty are advised to carefully review these policies.

Resident faculty in Tulsa should apply to this program and not to the similar program available for faculty resident on the Norman Campus and administered through the Vice President for Research. These funds are available for faculty who are resident in Tulsa and affiliated with a College that reports through the Provost for the Norman Campus.

For more information, please contact Charlotte Berryhill at 3660.

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