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Graduate Admission Requirements

  • Regular admission to the Graduate College of the University of Oklahoma requires a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a grade point average of 3.0 on the last 60 hours of undergraduate credit. Students may be admitted conditionally with with a gradepoint of 2.75 on the last sixty hours of undergraduate credit. Students who have completed 12 or more hours of graduate credit at another University must have earned a minimum gradepoint of 3.0 on that credit. Post-baccalaureate undegraduate credit may be considered as supplemental information at the discretion of the Dean.
  • For more detailed information on graduate admissions, please consult the Graduate College Bulletin.

Application Materials

  • Please complete the University of Oklahoma application for admission
  • Submit the $40 application fee ($90 for international applicants) with your application
  • Arrange to have official Transcripts of all previous college work sent to
  • The University of Oklahoma Schusterman Center
    Office of Admissions
    4502 E. 41st Street
    Tulsa, OK   74135-2512
  • Many departments require additional credentials be submitted as part of the application process. Please consult the department for further information. Additional credentials may be sent directly to the department or enclosed with your application.
  • Applications, transcripts and the application fee should be sent directly to:
  • The University of Oklahoma Schusterman Center
    Office of Admissions
    4502 E. 41st Street
    Tulsa, OK   74135-2512

For additional information

  • Request an information packet or other information.
  • Consult the General Catalog for degree requirements and course offerings
  • Tuition and fees are generally the same as on the main campus. However, some courses may have slightly different fees depending on the physical location of the classes or on the home campus of the department offering the course.
  • Learn how to apply for financial aid
  • Students needing accomodation for disabilities should contact us or the Office of Disability Services
  • Feel free to call 918.660-3474 if you wish to make an appointment to speak to an advisor.
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