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The Rt. Hon. Henry McLeish:
"News from the United Kingdom"
(series of activities during the week's visit)
Chad Wilkinson:
"The Oklahoma Economy in a Time of National Uncertainty"
(luncheon in Founders Hall on the OU-Tulsa campus)
as eleições brasileiras, 1º turno:
A Festa de Democracia
Join us for a watch party as we observe the election results from Brazil
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Recent Activities:
The Oklahoma Legislature:The Women's View
What is it like to serve as a member of the Oklahoma Legislature if you are a woman? To asnswer this question we brought a freshman Senator, Jo Anna Dossett, a retiring House member, Carol Bush, and a former Senator who was first elected twenty years ago.

In this photo, our program participants are seen with members of a diverse delegation of British citizens visiting the United States as guests of the State Department who joined us as guests of the Center for the luncheon.

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Recent Activities:
A Conversation about Gun Violence
Following the shooting at the St. Francis medical complex in Tulsa, the Center organized a "Concersation about Gun Violence." Over one hundred people showed up on short notice. We plan this as the beginning of a series of programs to explored causes and solutions to the increasing number of mass shootings in America.

In this photo, Drew Diamond, former Chief of Police of Tulsa; Hank Knight, former Chaplin of the University of Tulsa; and, the Hon. Carol Bush (R-Tulsa), member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

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Recent Activities:
Dr. Sam Perry: White Christian Nationalism
OU professor Sam Perry, author of "The The Flag and the Cross: White Christian Nationalism and the Threat to American Democracy", just published by the Oxford University Press and co-authored with Yale University professor Philip Gorski, reviewed the findings of the studies that were the subject of the book.

In this photo, Dr. Perry chats with event volunteers Judy King, Candace Frates, and Donna LaDuke.

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Recent Activities:
Lord Dunrossil: visit to tulsa
Originally scheduled for a luncheon speech sponsored by the Center and the Tulsa Historical Society that had to be cancelled, Lord Dunrossil nevertheless found time to meet with Oklahomans during his visit and to participate in the opening program of the Living Arts' exhibit, "Chiefs, Clans, and Kin".

In this photo, Lord Dunrossil is pictured with Geoffrey Standing Bear, Chief of the Osage Nation.

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Recent Events:
Dr. Robert Donaldson: "Russia and Ukraine: What Next?"
Tulsa author Clifton Taulbert (seated right in the photo above) reviewing notes from Robert Donaldson's speech (seated left), while Julia Kwok and John Bell wait to chat with Donaldson.

In the video clip below, we see some of the 200 guests that filled Founders Hall on the OU-Tulsa campus to hear Dr. Donaldson's talk.

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After reducing our schedule due to the coronavirus, and halting the schedule because of the omincron varient, we have now resumed programing our activities. Details of activities so far for the Spring 2022 semester (and the Fall 2021 semester) are available on our Events page.

The first large luncheon event since re-opening was Dr. Robert Dolnadson's talk on March 16.

The Center held two events in December:

The first December event was a small luncheon for community leaders with OU-Tulsa President, Dr. James Sluss. Over a dozen people gathered in one of our "salon" style small events that we have introduced since the coming of covid. Dr. Sluss talked about challenges facing higher education, and also provided the guests with insights into new research developments in his academic area of electrical engineering.

The second was a luncheon in Oklahoma City for the Rt. Hon. Penny Mordaunt, British Minister for Trade Policy. The Minister was accompanied to Oklahoma City by Consul General Richard Hyde from Houston and by staff from the British Embassy in Washington, as well as staff from her London office. The luncheon was held in the Board Room of the Oklahoma Historical Society, and guests included Brea Clark, Mayor of Norman, Dr. Debbie Blanke, Senior Vice-Chancellor for the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, Pam Pollard, Republican National Committeewoman from Oklahoma, Rep. Andy Fugate (D-Del City), Sen. John Montgomery (R-Lawton), Vicky Gourley, publisher of Oklahoma City's Friday newspaper, and former Oklahoma Gov. David Walters, among others.

(The Center is the home of the British Honorary Consulate in Oklahoma, and assisted with the organizing of Minister Mordaunt's visit.)
"We believe that informed and engaged citizens are the foundation of a healthy and enduring democracy."
We bring people together to connect with each other and to share in a community of citizens engaged in the civic life of our city and state.

Our programs are non-partisan and we welcome diverse viewpoints and perspectives.

We organize and sponsor a broad variety of programs and activities, but all are designed to support our mission of promoting involvement in the civic life of our community. All of our activities are open to the public. We hope you will join us too!

Our web studies also further our mission by offering opportunities for visitors to our site to learn more about the culture of Tulsa and the forces that formed it. Click here to learn more about us.
The Center is the home of the
British Honorary Consulate
in Oklahoma.

The Director of the Center for Studies in Democracy and Culure is Prof. Rodger Randle.

He can be reached by telephone at 1-918-779-5713, or by email at

The mailing address for the Center is:

Prof. Rodger Randle
The University of Oklahoma Tulsa
4503 East 41st Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135


Rt. Hon. Henry McLeish, Dra. Pura Fernández Rodríguez, Dr. Zidane Zeraoui, Anthony Perry, Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Awais, M.D., Hon. José Carlos Rassier, Dra. Renata de Melo Rosa, Hon. Héctor Hugo Rotela, M.D.

Dr. Moussa Blimpo, Carol Robertson Lopez, Oliver St. Clair Franklin OBE, Danny L. McDonald, Sherman Banks

Interim OU-Tulsa President James Sluss, Dean Scott Fritzen (OU College of International Studies), Hon. Carol Bush, Clifton Taulbert, Ronny Altman, Dr. Dyal Meshri, Hon. Meloyde Blancett, Enrique Villar-Gambetta, Hon. Jane Wiseman, Moisés Echeverría, Hon. Judy Eason-McIntyre, James Dunn, Hon. John Kennedy, Dr. Wesley Long, Hon. Carol Bush, Hon. Curt Glassco, Lou Kerr, Connie Cronley, Dr. Rico Buchli, Jayne Reed, Charles Garrett, Dr. Barbara Bucholtz, Hon. Dave Rader, Ross Swimmer, Charlotte Schuman, Hon. Jo Anna Dossett, Hon. John Montgomery, Dr. Thomas Bennett

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final notes
The seal of the Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture depicts the island of Rokovoko at sunset.
The motto of the Center is "Klaatu Barada Nikto".

The Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture
Director: Prof. Rodger A. Randle.
Email:, Telephone: 1-918-779-5713
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