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(We are on an abbreviated program schedule during the summer months)

march 29
Nicholas Bennett, former member, UK Parliament
Tulsa is honored to welcome a former member of the British Parliament, Nicholas Bennett. Mr. Bennett served as a cabinet member during the prime ministership of Margaret Thatcher, and he served as her private parliamentary secretary during the end of her period as leader of the British government.
"Champagne and Dessert" rception and informal talk. 7:30 PM.
Please call the Center's offices at 918-660-3495 for reservations.
CSDC sponsored event

April 2
Prof. Zidane Zeraoui
Dr. Zeraoui, professor of iInternational Relations at the Instituto Teconógico de Monterrey (in Mexico) has been a periodic guest of the Center for nearly 15 years. We are pleased that he will be returning again this year. Two events are planned, one is a public lecture on the political developments in Mexico under the presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto (the talk will be given in Spanish) and the other event is an informal talk and private reception for Tulsa Hispanic leaders.
Public Lecture (in Spanish) Noon, on the Southeast Campus of Tulsa Community College, Student Activities Building. No reservation required and no fee for attendance.
CSDC co-sponsored event / CSDC sponsored event

April 16
The Center's Annual Celebration of the Birthday of Alberto Caeiro da Silva
Join us for our annual special observance of the life of this Portuguese poet who was born 1889, and who who died in Lisbon of tuberculosis in 1915 at the age of 26.
Please call the Center's offices at 918-660-3495 for details.
CSDC sponsored event

april 22
League of Women Voters' Pathfinder Award
The Tulsa League of Women Voters will honor the Center Director with its Pathfinder Award at their 2014 Gala.
5:30pm, Tulsa Country Club, 701 North Union, Tulsa.
Please contact the League of Women Voters for ticket information at (918) 747-7933.
CSDC sparticipation

april 29
UN Day Banquet
The United Nations Association of Eastern Oklahoma will hold its Annual Membership Dinner on April 29. The main program will feature Gen. George Sada, speaking on security issues in the Middle East. Included on the program, however, is a tribute to longtime UN Association leader Phil Wood. The tribute will be given by the center director.
6:00pm, All Souls Church, 2952 South Peoria, Tulsa
More information is available from the UN Association online at unaeo.org.
CSDC participation

May 9
Reception in Honor of the Consul General of Colombia
Miguel Rafael Lopéz Méndez, Consul Gneral of Colombia for our region of the USA will be visiting Tulsa on May 9. The Center is offering a reception in his honor at the home of Center Director and Mrs. Rodger Randle for leaders in the Hispanic community in Tulsa.
5:30pm till 7:30pm, 1395 East 26th Street, Tulsa
Please call the Center's offices at 918-660-3495 for reservations.
CSDC sponsored event

May 13
Review of the Book, "Presidents Club"
Tulsa's "Tuesday Book Club" (the oldest of all Tulsa's book clubs; it was founded in 1905) will feature the Center Director at their annual book review luncheon.
Noon, Oaks Country Club, 6500 S. 49th W. Ave., Tulsa
Please call Kay Miller, 918-299-9415, for attendance information.
CSDC participation

June 14
The Queen's Birthday
Queen Elizabeth's official birthday is a time each year to celebrate Great Britain.
Please call the Center's offices at 918-660-3495 for details of plans for this years observance.
CSDC sponsored event

june 18
Banquet in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Visit to Oklahoma of the Lion of Judah
The first foreign head of state to visit Oklahoma was Haile Selassie, former Emperor of Ethiopia. The Emperor had formed a close relationship with OSU President Bennett during the time that it served as head of the United States Point Four program, and Bennett invited the Emperor to Oklahoma. It was an event still vividly remembered by many in Stillwater. On the 50th anniversary events are being organized on the OSU main campus by the School of International Studies, and the day will be crowned with a banquet in Tulsa cosponsored by the Center and the OSU School of International Studies.
6:00pm Reception, 7:00pm Dinner (location and cost to be announced...)
Please call the Center's offices at 918-660-3495 for reservations.
CSDC co-sponsored event

september 17
America in the Time of the Constitution
A talk by Center Director Rodger Randle on the cultural and social content in which the American Constitution was formulated. This event is part of OU-Tulsa's official observance of Constitution Day 2013. The Center has also developed a companion webpage for self-study of the Constitution, and it can be accessed by clicking here.
Noon in Room 1J10 of the OU-Tulsa Main Academic Building. Bring your own lunch.
Please call the Center's offices at 918-660-3495 for reservations.
CSDC sponsored event

november 19-20
Lectures at the University of New Mexico
The Center Director has been invited by the University of New Mexico to participate in a series of academic activities focused on contemporary American politics during the week of September 17, 2014.
Details will be posted near the time of the events.
CSDC participation


actualites Miguel Rafael López Méndez...


Consul General of Colombia in Houston, Miguel Rafael López Méndez took office at his new post in October of 2013. He is an architect who has specialized in historic preservation. His architectural studies were completed at the Universidad Piloto de Colombia and he received his Masters at Pratt in New York. The Consul General will be the Center's guest at a reception in Tulsa on May 9 on the occasion of his first official visit to our city.

divider And now, direct from the United Kingdom...


The Center Director's home was the location for a "Champagne and Dessert" reception for Nicholas Bennett, former member of the British Parliament. Mr. Bennett served as private parliamentary secretary to Margaret Thatcher towards the end of her time as Prime Minister. A group of around 20 gathered to meet him, and he regaled the guests during an informal discussion after dessert about the ins and outs of British politics.

divider "Rumble Fish", Cult Classic Film in Chile and Argentina


The Center hosted an evening with Chilean author and filmmaker Alberto Fuguet, who was in town for the Oklahoma premiere of his documentary "Locaciones". His documentary was based on the influence that the old black and white movie "Rumble Fish" had on his life, and since most of that film was shot in Tulsa, much of Fuguet's documentary was based on his pilgrimage to Tulsa to see the sights where "Rumble Fish" was filmed. When asked what most surprised him about Tulsa when he finally had an opportunity to come see the city in real life, he replied "It was in color!."

divider Consul General of Norway, Jostein Mykletun


In January I had the privilege of organizing a visit to Oklahoma for Jostein Mykletun, Consul General Norway, and his wife, Sonia. We visited public officials and cultural attractions in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and in Shawnee. The visit to Shawnee was to meet with Dr. James Collard, currently the Chairman of the Governors International Economic Development Team. Dr. Collard director of planning and economic development for the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. In Tulsa, we had a small luncheon with Mayor Dewey Bartlett and Karen Gilbert, Chair of the City Council, at Philbrook Museum. We were also joined at lunch by Randall Suffolk, Philbrook Director, among others.

divider the European Union comes to Oklahoma...


João Vale de Almeida was the guest of the College of International Studies on the OU Norman campus for luncheon and seminar on European politics and American-European relations. Sr. Vale de Almeida Is the ambassador to the United States from the European Union. He is Portuguese, and the College of International Studies kindly sat me next to him at the banquet table at lunch, and it was a special treat to have the opportunity to get acquainted with him.


Remembering John F. Kennedy...


KOTV anchor Scott Thompson produced an exceptionally fine piece for the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. Scott focused his reporting on the enduring legacies of Kennedy, and especially the Peace Corps. Two former volunteers were featured in the section on the Peace Corps, one who is currently a teacher in Owasso, JoAnna Dossett, and the other was the Center Director.

To view Scott Thompson's piece, click here.

divider Election Night Analysis on Tulsa's KTUL website...

On Nov. 12 I had my first opportunity to appear on a live web broadcast. Although I have actually watched live web boadcasts, this was my first time to appear on one. In many ways it is better than being on live TV because you have a much more leisurely chance to discuss things, though the audience is not nearly so large. However, part of the web coverage was repeated on KTUL broadcast TV on the 10pm news.

divider San Antonio's Mayor Julian Castro...
Julian Castro

In July I had the good fortune to be in San Antonio for a few days to participate in activities at the national conference of Sister Cities International. One of the treats of the visit to San Antonio was the opportunity I had to visit briefly with Mayor Julian Castro. He is fully as charming in person as he appears on television.

divider The Feast of St. John Came to Tulsa...
Sao Joao

The Feast of St. John is a traditional summer solstice celebration that is observed in much of Europe. Although it is ostensively a religious celebration, its roots are pagan and nowadays it is primarily an occasion for parties. Each country celebrates the Feast of St. John in its own way, but Portugal and Brazil are the two countries where the holiday seems to be most widely observed. The celebration provides a great insight into the cultures of these countries.

At our house we invited a few friends to celebrate the day a la Portuguesa. Next year, something bigger...

divider Concern about Our Safety...

It was very gratifying to hear from friends in distant places following the tornados in Moore. News coverage talked about Oklahoma and people were concerned about whether we had been hit in Tulsa. I received phone calls from friends in Argentina, Brazil, and Pakistan, and email messages of worry from other friends in Portugal, the UK, India, Brazil, Bolivia, Spain, and the Republic of Texas.



Our Poetic Birthday Parties

Each year the Center holds small observances in honor of the birthdays of the portuguese poets Alberto Caeiro, Alvaro de Campos, and Ricardo Reis ...and also Fernando Pessoa. We do not advertise or promote these observances widely since the general interest in these poets in Oklahoma is (shall we admit?) very limited. However, we do encourage those who are interested to contact us so that we may include you on our invitation list.

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british crest
The Center is home to the Honourary British Consulate in Oklahoma

Center Director Rodger Randle is the Honourary British Consul in Oklahoma. He can be reached by phone at 918-779-4713. or through the offices of the Center.

Like all other British honourary consular offices, the Tulsa office is not authorized to issue passports or visas, nor do we handle passport or visa enquiries. Full visa information is available through the website of the British Embassy in Washington at http://ukinusa.fco.gov.uk.

arts & humanities logoThe Center is now a member organization of the Tulsa Arts & Humanities Council...

The Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa is the champion for area arts and culture. Diverse education programs advance its mission to inspire creativity, foster appreciation, promote lifelong learning, enhance the quality of individual lives, and contribute economic vitality to the greater community. The Council partners with arts organizations, individual artists, patrons, school districts, educators, community groups, businesses and government.

To visit the website of the Arts a& Humanities Council click here.

shield of the center The Center is affilliated with the The University of Oklahoma's Department of Human Relations...

The Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture is affiliated with the University of Oklahoma's Department of Human Relations, which offers undergraduate and graduate degrees on the OU-Norman campus and a master's degree on the OU-Tulsa campus. For a brochure about the Master of Human Relations degree offered in Tulsa, please click here.

shield of the center About the shield of the Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture...

The red and white at the top of the shield represent the colors of The University of Oklahoma. The gold sphere represents the autumn moon, pictured over the green mountains of the island of Rokovoko, as seen from the sea.

The motto of the Center is "Klaatu Barada Nikto!".

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Center to Join OSU in Commemoration of the Arrival
of the First Foreign Head of State to Visit Oklahoma

50 years ago the first foreign head of state ever to visit Oklahoma landed in Stillwater on his own private airliner. This head of state was the Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie (also known as the “Lion of Judah”).

His visit to Oklahoma developed out of a strong personal friendship that he had built with Henry Bennett, the president of Oklahoma State University. Bennett had been named by Pres. Truman to head the Point Four international aid program after World War II, and during his work with this program he became a close personal friend with Emperor Selassie and invited him to visit Oklahoma.

As Oklahoma increasingly works to become more international, it is valuable for us to celebrate the roots of these efforts.

On June 18, there will be commemorative activities on the Stillwater campus of OSU during the day, but the day will culminate with an evening dinner in Tulsa at the Harwelden Mansion. The dinner will be cosponsored by the Center and by OSU. Seating is limited to no more than 48 guests. Anyone wishing to participate in the dinner should reserve a place as soon as possible by calling the Center at 918-660-3495.

Special Fall 2014 Course to Be Offered about Tulsa

Center Director Rodger Randle is offering a special graduate seminar class in September of 2014 focused on the cultural and social dynamics of Tulsa.

This class is designed to deepen the understanding of students about the community of Tulsa. It will invite students to face uncomfortable questions about who we are as a community and the social problems we face, as well as to celebrate achievements and accomplishments. We will look both at Tulsa’s past and at its present, but we will also seek to project where current social trends are likely to take us in the future.

Although the class is primarily designed for students in the Human Relations program at OU-Tulsa, it is also open to students in other majors. The class may also be taken as a noncredit audit course. Anyone interested in taking the class on a noncredit basis should contact Prof. Randle at 918-660-3495 for details of how to enroll.

For more information about the class, click here.

Center Director Selected to Receive 2014
"Pathfinder Award" from Tulsa League of Women Voters
panel Ken Busby, Rodger Randle, Penny Williams

Center Director Rodger Randle was selected by the Tulsa League of Women Voters to receive their prestigious annual "Pathfinder" award. According to the League, "Professor Randle is being honored for his outstanding contributions in both public service and higher education at the city, state and national levels.”

The event was held at Tulsa Country Club on April 22. Introducing Prof. Randle at the ceremony were Ken Busby, Director and CEO of the Tulsa Arts & Humanities Council, and Penny Williams, Tulsa civic leader and former Oklahoma State Senator.

Prof. Randle was presented a handmade red sash from the League as symbol of the Pathfind Award.


Dewey Bartlett, Next in Our Series of
Conferences on Oklahoma Governors

panel Gov. Dewey Bartlett

Elected Governor of Oklahoma in 1966, Dewey Bartlett became Oklahoma's second Republican governor and the second Tulsan to be elected to the post. Before being elected governor, Bartlett was a member of the Oklahoma State Senate representing a district in Tulsa. Bartlett served one term as governor, but after leaving the governorship was subsequently elected twice to the United States Senate.

The conference on Bartlett will be the fourth in the series of conferences on Oklahoma governors. The conferences are held at the Oklahoma Historical Society in Oklahoma City and are co-sponsored by the Center, the Oklahoma Historical Society, and the OU Center for Political Communication. The Bartlett conference is tentatively been scheduled for September and is now in the planning stage.

Bartlett's son and daughter both have agreed to be on the program to talk about their father. Dewey Bartlet, Jr., currently serves as the Mayor of Tulsa.

The Center Hosts Lunch for the Oklahoma Diplomatic Corps
panel Henry Bellmon, during his second term as Governor

Allen Greenberg, Regional Director of the Office of Foreign Missions of the United States Department of State honored Oklahoma with a visit in December to meet with Oklahoma honorary consuls and others who hold diplomatic posts in the state. Accompanying Mr. Greenberg was Robert Kimbrough, the resident agent in charge of diplomatic security for the Oklahoma. Almost all of the honorary Oklahoma honorary consuls were present for lunch and presentation, although the number of honorary consuls in Oklahoma is not large.

Following the afternoon meetings at the State Capitol, an evening reception was hosted at the Oklahoma City Art Center by the Governor's International Economic Development Team.

Center Director Participates in Education Seminars in Brazil
panel seminar participants in one of the smaller communities visited

At the invitation of José Carlos Rassier, national coordinator of the Escola de Gestao Pública (EGP) of Brazil, Center Director Prof. Rodger Randle participated as a presenter in a major regional conference on education held in the city of Goiania in the interior state of Goiás, and this conference was followed by a series of small seminars.

The seminars were designed to identify ways in which public schools in Brazil are different from Oklahoma schools, as well as identifying things that the schools have in common. Interestingly, both in Goiás and in Oklahoma the exact same problems and challenges are identified in public education. The partnership with the EGP owners to identify ways in which innovative solutions can be found to education problems that can be transferred between Oklahoma and Goiás.

Center Director Participates in Workshops in Mozambique
panel Children in Mozambique

In August, the Center Director and his wife had an opportunity to lead a series of two day workshops in Mozambique for journalists on how to cover political campaigns. The workshops were sponsored and organized by the United States Embassy's cultural center. The workshops were conducted in the cities of Maputo, Nampula, and Beira. Mrs. Randle is a retired journalist.

Spanish Students Brought the Culture of Spain to Tulsa
panel one of the Spanish students during a traditional flamenco dance

In partnership with the Madrid-based organization Helsinki-España, the Center participated in the organization of a summer program that brought Spanish and Oklahoma students together to discuss important international issues of human rights, as well as providing opportunity to Tulsans to learn more about the culture of Spain. The events were held in Tulsa and featured seminars, community volunteerism opportunities for the Spanish students, and an exhibition of Spanish culture open to the public. The participation of the students from Spain was made possible through a grant from the Ministry of Education of Spain.

The Organization Helsinki-España and the Center have a long-standing relationship. Feasibility planning is underway to study the possibility of bringing a new group of students from Spain to Tulsa in September 2014.

Join Us for Constitution Day Activities in September
test OU-Tulsa participates annunally in Constitution Day observances organized by the Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture

On September 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional convention met for the last time and officially adopted the complete and final version of the document that would become the American Constitution.

September 17 is now celebrated each year in the United States and has become the occasion for study and observances relating to the Constitution.

The Center is traditionally called upon at OU-Tulsa to be in charge of Constitution Day activities on the Tulsa campus. The Center has created a special webpage about the American Constitution that includes links to information about the Constitution and tools for self-study. This page can be visited by clicking here.

In addition, the Center Director gives an annual talk on a topic related to the Constitution. This year the talk will be given at noon on September 17 and the title will be “America in the Time of the Constitution”. The talk is open to the public and there is no charge for attendance.

...for more examples of past activities, click here

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