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January 17
Annual Brazilian Student Luncheon
Each year the Center sponsors in partnership with the Tulsa Global Alliance a luncheon of traditional Brazilian food for a State Department sponsored delegation of Brazilian students and their Tulsa host families.The luncheon will take place at the home of the Center Director. Attendance is limited to Brazilian students and their host families, and members of the Tulsa Global Alliance Board of Directors.
CSDC sponsored

February 9-18
Lecture Series in Pakistan
The Center Director has been invited to give a series of lectures in Pakistan. The lectures will include topics on American Highridge occoasion, the American System of governance and citizenship development.
Please contact the Center office for information.
CSDC co-sponsored

March 26 (to be rescheduled)
The Emergence of Modern Brazil
OSU in partinership with Osher Lifelong Leraning Prgram is sponsoring a series of afternoon programs duirng the spring of 2015. The Center Director has been invited to give the lecture in March. The programs will take place at Ascension Luthern Church located at 48th and Lewis, Tulsa.
Free and open to the public; no advance registration required.
CSDC participation

March 8
A Conversation with Henry McLeish
Henry McLeish, a former member of the British Parliament and former First Minister of Scotland has been a frequent visitor of the Center for the last two decades. He is returning this month and will be participating in the first of a series of "Fireseide Conversations", sponsored by the Center. These events will be limited to small groups of no more than 18 and will focus on informal conversation in shich all guests can participate.
Free and open to the public, please contact the Center office
at 918-660-3494 for details.
CSDC sponsored

March 9
A Conversation with New York Times Foreign Correspondent Austin Ramzy
Austin Ramzy, a former Asian correspondent for Time magazine currently is a foreign correspondent for the New York Times and is based in Hong Kong. This is the second in the Center's series of "Fireside Conversations". The evening's discussions will focus oncurrent developments in China.
Free and open to the public. Please contact the Center office at 918-660-3494 for details.
CSDC sponsored

May 4
Understanding Brazil
The Center Director has been invited to give a talk to combined classes in the language program on the Metro Campus of TCC, room 617 at 7:00pm. Free and and open to the public, please call the Center office at 918-660-3494 for details.
CSDC participation

May 7
Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the creation of the Tulsa City Council
The Tulsa City Council will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a special event. The Council has invited the Center Director, Rodger Randle to be the keynote speaker for the event.
Details to be announced.
CSDC participation

May 21
"A Look at mondern Brazil and it's role in the contemporary world"
The Center Director has been invited to take part in the Great Decision Series sponsored by the Tulsa Library in cooperation with the American Foreign Policy Association. The speach will be at the Schusterman- Benson Library at 3333 East 32nd Place from noon till 1pm. It is free and and open to the public. For more information, please call Gretchen Hannefield at 918-549-7408 for details.
CSDC participation

June 8 through August 8
Faces" an Exhibit of the photography of Prof. Rodger Randle
The lobby gallery of the Circle Cinema in Tulsa will be the location for a special exhibit of photography of the Center Director.
Circle Cinema is locatied at 10 South Lewis, Tulsa. No Reservations are required. It is free and open to the public.
CSDC participation

Created by resolution of the Tulsa City Council, the new Transit Task Force is charged with looking at issues of governance and finance for public transportation in the Tulsa Metro region. The Task Force includes participation from various area municipalities, including the mayor of Broken Arrow.

By appointment of Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett, the task force is co-chaired by Susan Neal and the Center Director. Susan is a former member of the also City Council and she currently serves as Executive Vice-president at the University of Tulsa. dividerJeanne EasonTemp test foto

Our friend Dr. Leroy Bridges passed away in December. He was for many years the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Political Communications Center at The University of Oklahoma.Dr. Bridges played a key role in assisting Dr. Bill Carmack inthe acquisition for OU of the Kantor Collection of political commercials, the largest such collection in the world.

With Dr. Bridges' passing, the Advisory Council of the OU Political Communications Center is in the process of being reorganized and updated. I'm chairing the committee of the Advisory Council charged with this work. dividerAshley PhillipsonEntrepreneur from Nepal Visits Oklahoma

Thanks to Tulsa Global Alliance, Judy and I had the opportunity to spend an evening with Meele Shrestha, an IT entrepreneur from Nepal. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the customs and culture of Nepal. To show Meele the diversity of Tulsa's cultures, we took her to a benefit dinner supporting Peruvian children, named in honor of our friend Tina Peña's mother. She enjoyed the authentic Peruvian dinner and music.divider Helsinki-España to Return to Tulsa...

Ana Nieto
Ana Nieto, the head of the NGO Helsinki-España in Madrid, fist visited Tulsa over a decade ago while traveling to the USA on a visit sponsored by the US Dept. of State. We invited her and her group to dinner at our house, and that was the beginning of a long lasting friendship and partnership that has resulted in multiple partnerships between the organization she leads and the Center. We are excited that the Government of Spain has just announced support that will allow us to establish a new project to be held in Tulsa during the summer of 2015.

dividerOklahoma Secretary of Energy and Environment Speaks in Tulsa

In October I had the good fortune to serve as master of ceremonies at an event in Tulsa featuring Michael Teague, former head of the U.S. Corps of Engineers for our region, who nows serves in Gov. Fallin's cabinet. The meeting was sponsored by the Community Environmental Working Group and Sec. Teague spoke on the implications of new federal environmental rules. The audience was uniformly impressed by his candor and the friendly and open spirit in which he dialoged on potentially contentious issues.divider

Mark Prtichard
Mark Pritchard, Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom, Visits Oklahoma City

As Honorary British Consul for Oklahoma, I had the pleasure of organizing a two day visit to Oklahoma for Mark Pritchard, a member of the British Parliament. It was my job to accompany him during the visit, but this was enjoyable. We met with the Mayor of Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Attorney General, Justice Yvonne Kauger of the Oklahoma Supreme Court, plus other Oklahoma notables. Mr. Pritchard was accompanied by the Consul Officer from the British Consulate in Houston. divider Miguel Rafael López Méndez...

Consul General of Colombia in Houston, Miguel Rafael López Méndez took office at his new post in October of 2013. He is an architect who has specialized in historic preservation. His architectural studies were completed at the Universidad Piloto de Colombia and he received his Masters at Pratt in New York. The Consul General will be the Center's guest at a reception in Tulsa on May 9 on the occasion of his first official visit to our city.

divider And now, direct from the United Kingdom...

Nicholas Bennett
The Center Director's home was the location for a "Champagne and Dessert" reception for Nicholas Bennett, former member of the British Parliament. Mr. Bennett served as private parliamentary secretary to Margaret Thatcher towards the end of her time as Prime Minister. A group of around 20 gathered to meet him, and he regaled the guests during an informal discussion after dessert about the ins and outs of British politics. divider "Rumble Fish", Cult Classic Film in Chile and Argentina

Alberto Fuguet
The Center hosted an evening with Chilean author and filmmaker Alberto Fuguet, who was in town for the Oklahoma premiere of his documentary "Locaciones". His documentary was based on the influence that the old black and white movie "Rumble Fish" had on his life, and since most of that film was shot in Tulsa, much of Fuguet's documentary was based on his pilgrimage to Tulsa to see the sights where "Rumble Fish" was filmed. When asked what most surprised him about Tulsa when he finally had an opportunity to come see the city in real life, he replied "It was in color!."divider Consul General of Norway, Jostein Mykletun In January

I had the privilege of organizing a visit to Oklahoma for Jostein Mykletun, Consul General Norway, and his wife, Sonia. We visited public officials and cultural attractions in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and in Shawnee. The visit to Shawnee was to meet with Dr. James Collard, currently the Chairman of the Governors International Economic Development Team. Dr. Collard director of planning and economic development for the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. In Tulsa, we had a small luncheon with Mayor Dewey Bartlett and Karen Gilbert, Chair of the City Council, at Philbrook Museum. We were also joined at lunch by Randall Suffolk, Philbrook Director, among others.divider the European Union comes to Oklahoma...

João Vale de Almeida was the guest of the College of International Studies on the OU Norman campus for luncheon and seminar on European politics and American-European relations. Sr. Vale de Almeida Is the ambassador to the United States from the European Union. He is Portuguese, and the College of International Studies kindly sat me next to him at the banquet table at lunch, and it was a special treat to have the opportunity to get acquainted with him.



Our Poetic Birthday Parties

Each year the Center holds small observances in honor of the birthdays of the portuguese poets Alberto Caeiro, Alvaro de Campos, and Ricardo Reis ...and also Fernando Pessoa. We do not advertise or promote these obsevances widely since the gerneral interest in these poets in Oklahoma is (shall we admit?) very limited. However, we do encourage those who are interested to contact us to that we may include you on our invitation list.


british crest
The Center is home to the Honourary British Consulate in Oklahoma

Center Director Rodger Randle is the Honourary British Consul in Oklahoma. He can be reached by phone at 918-779-4713. or through the offices of the Center.

Like all other British honourary consular offices, the Tulsa office is not authorized to issue passports or visas, nor do we handle passport or visa enquiries. Full visa information is available through the website of the British Embassy in Washington at http://ukinusa.fco.gov.uk.

arts & humanities logoThe Center is now a member organization of the Tulsa Arts & Humanities Council...

The Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa is the champion for area arts and culture. Diverse education programs advance its mission to inspire creativity, foster appreciation, promote lifelong learning, enhance the quality of individual lives, and contribute economic vitality to the greater community. The Council partners with arts organizations, individual artists, patrons, school districts, educators, community groups, businesses and government.

To visit the website of the Arts a& Humanities Council click here.

shield of the center The Center is affilliated with the The University of Oklahoma's Department of Human Relations...

The Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture is affiliated with the University of Oklahoma's Department of Human Relations, which offers undergraduate and graduate degrees on the OU-Norman campus and a master's degree on the OU-Tulsa campus. For a brochure about the Master of Human Relations degree offered in Tulsa, please click here.

shield of the center About the shield of the Center for Studies in Democracy and Culture...

The red and white at the top of the shield represent the colors of The University of Oklahoma. The gold sphere represents the autumn moon, pictured over the green mountains of the island of Rokovoko, as seen from the sea.

The motto of the Center is "Klaatu Barada Nikto!".

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Tulsa's Circle Cinema Hosts Exhibit
of Photos by the Center Director
From June 11 till August 8, the Circle Cinema Gallery will feature a collection of photos by Prof. Rodger Randle, Director of the Center.

The photos are from countries in Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa. The exhibit states, "This is an exhibit of photos about you ...an exhibit in which you are invited to look into the faces of people from distant places to see the reflection of yourself, and to remember that human values, hopes, and dreams are universal."

With each photo is paired a quotation suggested by the photo from one of Prof. Randle's favorite writers.

The Circle Cinema is located at 10 South Lewis in Tulsa. The Gallery is free and open to the public during the normal operational hours of the theatre.

The OU-Tulsa Travel Club Is Heading to Cuba!

Seven days in Cuba, plus an overnight stay in Miami, await the participants in the OU-Tulsa Cuba tour in early January. Cost for the tour will be about $3,500 per person. The price includes airfare, hotels, professional guides ...plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.

Anyone interested in participating should contact the Prof. Rodger Randle at 1-918-660-3495 for additional details.

The Center Confirms Leadership Program in
La Ceiba, Honduras in August 2015
test Daniel Chaboya and representatives of ODECO (Organización de Desarollo Étnico Comunitario) en La Ceiba, Honduras

As part of the Center's ongoing partnership with the Organización de Desarollo Étnico Comunitario en Honduras, we will be presenting a one week program of leadership and English language training for young perople in La Ceiba, Honduras, in April. Although the week's activities are open to all, the training is primarily directed towards the Garífuna community.

Four professors have been confirmed. Leadership training is being led by the Center Director, and the English language instruction is being led by Daniel Chaboya of Tulsa Comminity College. The training program is being supported by the OU Department of Human Relations and the Center and Tulsa Community College.

Garífuna people are descendants of Carib, Arawak, and West African people, and they trace their heritage back to the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Expelled from St. Vincent by the British in 1796, they were resettled on the island of Roatán off the coast of Honduras. Only about 2500 of them survived the forced voyage to Roatán. However, their population grew in the years following resettlement and many Garífunas moved to the Central American mainland and established isolated fishing communities along the coasts of Honduras, Nicaragua, and Belize. Up until recently, their isolation allowed the preservation of their indigenous culture, customs, and language. As Garífunas have continued to become assimilated into Hispanic culture, the preservation of their culture and language has been endangered. UNESCO has proclaimed the language, dance, and music of the Garifuna as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Henry McLeish Headlines New Center Series
test The Rt. Hon. Henry McLeish

Henry McLeish was the inaugural guest for the Center's new series of "Fireside Conversations" that will feature small group visits with important figures in global arts, politics, and culture. The first event in the series was held in early March 2015.

Mr. McLeish has been a frequent visitor to the Center over the last two decades. Mr. McLeish's most recent book is "Rethinking Our Politics: The Political and Constitutional Future of Scotland and the UK." He has authored, or co-authored, over half a dozen other books.

Henry McLeish began his political career as a member of the City
Scottish flag Council in Fife, Scotland. He was later elected to the British Parliament and served as a member of the cabinet during the prime ministership of Tony Blair. He also played a key role in the process of creating devolution for Scotland, and was subsequently elected as a member of the first Scottish Parliament. He subsequently rose to become the First Minister of Scotland.

Mr. McLeish currently serves as a member of the Queen's Privy Council.

China Correspondent for the New York Times is a Featured Guest for the Center in March
testAustin Ramzy

The second in the Center's new series of "Fireside Conversations" featured foreign correspondent Austin Ramzey.

Currently serving as foreign correspondent for the New York Times,
Mr. Ramzy is based in Hong Kong. His reports from Asia can regularly be read in the New York Times and in other publications.

Austin Ramzy is a former Beijing correspondent for TIME, beginning there in 2007. An Iowa native, he graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Asian Studies and completed journalism school at the University of California, Berkeley. He previously worked at TIME Asia's Hong Kong office.

Center Director Lectures in Pakistan in February
test The Pakistan National School of Public Policy

Prof. Rodger Randle, Director of the Center, was a guest in Pakistan for a series of lectures and meetings in February.

The lectures were given in Lahore, Islamabad, and Gujranwala. In Islamabad he was the guest of the Pakistan Higher Education Commission and he spoke on the origins and development of contemporary higher education in America. The lecture was attended by top ranking officials from the Higher Education Commission and it was broadcast via videoconference to 43 different higher education campuses in Pakistan.

In Lahore, the Center Director was invited to give lectures on the American system of government and the role of the civil service. These lectures were sponsored by the Pakistan School of Public Policy and the audiences consisted of high-ranking civil servants from various sections of the country.

In Gujranwala the Director lecture to an audience of NGO leaders about the development of effective citizen participation in the governmental process.

Dr. Peter Gries Discusses the Politics
Behind American Foreign Policy

 Dr. Peter Gries' new book was published in 2014 by Stanford University Press. In this provocative book, he directly challenges the widely held view that partisan elites on Capitol Hill are out of touch with a moderate American public.

The Politics of American Foreign Policy weaves seamlessly together in-depth examinations of the psychological roots and foreign policy consequences of the liberal-conservative divide, the cultural, socio-racial, economic, and political dimensions of American ideology, and the moral values and foreign policy orientations that divide Democrats and Republicans.

The luncheon was held at the Tulsa Garden Center and was attended by well attended. Dr. Gries is the Newman Chair of US-China research at The University of Oklahoma and is a professor of international and area studies. He is a fluent speaker of Chinese.

For additional biographical information about Peter Gries, click here.

Vinicius Ribeiro Visits the Center in December
to Analyze the 2014 Brazilian Elections
test Vinicius Ribeiro

A long time friend of the Center, Vinicius Ribeiro scheduled a return trip to Oklahoma for mid-December as aguest of the Center to discuss the significance of the 2014 elections in Brazil and the future political and economic outlook for the country.

Sr. Ribeiro currently serves as a member of the House of Deputies in Rio Grande do Sul. He is a former member of the City Council in the city of Caxias do Sul, a city with a population equal to Tulsa's. A graduate architect, he is also a former director of municipal planning in the city. In the State of Rio Grande do Sul, he was selected as the "Architect of the Year" for 2014.

His visit to Tulsa included visits to governmental institutions, as well as with citizens in the Tulsa area and with faculty of The University of Oklahoma.

Large Crowd Attends Speech by the U.S. State Dept.
Coordinator for Cuban Policy

Guests at the event included John Kennedy (former Oklahoma Secretary of State), Mr. Wells, Sen. Jabar Shumate, Susan Savage (former Tulsa Mayor and former Oklahoma Secretary of State), and Sen. Brian Bingman, President Pro Tem of the Oklahoma Senate.

A veteran of 20 years of working with Latin America for the US State Department, Mark Wells recently assumed the key post of coordinator for Cuban policy. He has previously served in postings in Bogotá, Caracas, La Paz (Bolivia), and Monterrey, Mexico. He also served for a period in Iraq in the early days of Operation Enduring Freedom.

He spoke at a luncheon sponsored by the Center on November 7 at OU-Tulsa and discussed historic American perspectives on Cuban diplomatic issues, as well as recent policy developments.

The luncheon was open to the public. Originally schedule to be held at the Tulsa Garden Center, it was moved to the OU-Tulsa campus because of the the unexpected number of requests for luncheon reservations.

The luncheon featured a buffet of traditional Cuban specialties.

For more information about Mark Wells, click here

Dewey Bartlett, Next in Our Series of
Conferences on Oklahoma Governors
test Gov. Dewey Bartlett

Elected Governor of Oklahoma in 1966, Dewey Bartlett became Oklahoma's second Republican governor and the second Tulsan to be elected to the post. Before being elected governor, Bartlett was a member of the Oklahoma State Senate representing a district in Tulsa. Bartlett served one term as governor, but after leaving the governorship was subsequently elected twice to the United States Senate.

The conference on Bartlett will be the fourth in the series of conferences on Oklahoma governors. The conferences are held at the Oklahoma Historical Society in Oklahoma City and are co-sponsored by the Center, the Oklahoma Historical Society, and the OU Center for Political Communication. The Bartlett conference is been scheduled for Fall 2015 and is now in the planning stage.

Bartlett's son and daughter both have agreed to be on the program to talk about their father. Dewey Bartlet, Jr., currently serves as the Mayor of Tulsa.

...for more examples of past activities, click here

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